The Mirror Keep

This small castle, built of brilliantly polished, white stone and set high atop a mountain, this is the main headquarters of the Dawnbearers. The castle was a gift from Desna to the Dawnbearers, meant as a safe, secure base of operations for their work. It contains a modest forge and a substantial library and, aside from small outposts run by ghost crews, houses the Dawnbearers themselves.




Three Branches


  • Feiwu is a calculating book-keeper with yellow hair and greenish blue eyes, who keeps a pet mouse.
  • Eamiri is a friendly carpenter who carries a concealed blade and has white hair and green eyes.
  • Vutsi is a cheerful tinker with strawberry blond hair and greenish gray eyes, who wears too much cosmetics.
  • The blacksmith who is an outsider.
  • Jaisho is a adult alchemist with brown hair, greenish blue eyes, and a engaging personality.
  • Tianovas is a gentle apothecary with red hair and brown eyes, who carries a concealed blade.
  • Kokya is a soft-spoken artificer with white hair and brown eyes, who is extremely tall and thin.
  • The dilligent craftsman who meddles in things Man was not meant to know.
Knowledge and Information
  • Feivina is a attractive soothsayer with black hair and black eyes, who keeps a pet rabbit.
  • Saicri is a forgetful apprentice with strawberry blond hair and grayish blue eyes.
  • The healthy seer who tends to annoy demonic beings.


Outpost Establishment
  • The graceful, tireless, broken-hearted arch-mage.
  • Clerris is a gentle ranger with tawny hair and hazel eyes, who has pointed ears.
  • The acrobatic, wild, chaste necromancer.
  • An eccentric genie binder.
Scouts, Surveyors, and Spies
  • The tough, opportunistic, posturing monk.
  • The persuasive Rogue who can’t resist helping people.
  • The athletic, righteous Rogue with repressed memories.
  • The aged, righteous Bard who has a divine connection.
  • The nihilistic Rogue with divine blood.
  • The enduring, pure, tolerant Horizon Walker whose family line was magically enhanced.
  • Paimeli is a irresponsible, youngish magus with salt and pepper hair and violet eyes.
  • A ruthless oracle who is blind
  • A righteous paladin who was gifted a great weapon by his God.


  • The selfless Paladin who posesses a strong immunity to magic.
  • Terissa is a teenaged knight with platinum hair, grayish blue eyes, and a kindly personality.
  • A witch with a pet fox.
  • The reluctant vampire sorcerer with a knack for getting out of tight spots.
  • Gridae is a moody old sorceress with silver hair and blue eyes.
  • The enduring demonologist haunted by dark memories.
  • The detached Sorceror with demonic blood.
  • Kendara is a critical knight who is terrified of heights and has blond hair and bluish green eyes.
  • Calmidh Lanchanar (Dewlight Swordbrother)
  • Calaer Lanchanar (Light-of-the-Sea Swordbrother)
  • Drakya is a brave madam with strawberry blond hair and violet eyes.
  • The unhealthy knight.
Shadow Work
  • Calithil Lanchanar (Moonlight Swordbrother)
  • The plain, ruthless, paranoid Cleric.
  • The compassionate priestess on the wrong side of the law.



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